I have so many personalities. I think my body is an apartment with different roommates.

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Self-portrait.SUCKING WITH PASSION SINCE 1992.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Freddy-Krave-Photography/153390758021953

le-sexe-est-grande said: You are amazing. It's not only that you're hot, you're really talented too. I'm so glad i found your blog because you're one of the best photographers i've seen in a while. Keep doing what you're doing, i love it. :)

Happy meeeee (:

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Self-portrait.Green Mustache.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Freddy-Krave-Photography/153390758021953

Anonymous said: you have got a VERY pretty cock. like. aesthetically, its a good looking penis (Y) you should either go into porn or penis modelling, or both. :P

ahahaha thanks, maybe one day

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Anonymous said: Will you teach me to exude as much sex appeal as you do?


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the-ruins-of-alf-deactivated201 said: Your work is as beautiful as you are

hope my works are better!

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